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LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) FX has made a Sophie's choice with its two comedy series, opting to bring one back for a second season and canceling the other.
"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" received the pickup, getting a 13-episode order for its second season after seven episodes this summer. The show is the first original comedy series to earn a second season on the cable network -- which, it should be noted, hasn't tried comedy that much in the past.

The controversial "Starved," meanwhile, won't extend its run past this season. The series, which was created by and starred Eric Schaeffer, drew protests from eating-disorder groups upon its debut -- Schaeffer played an anorexic/compulsive overeater and member of an eating-disorder support group -- but the reason for its cancellation came down to numbers.

FX was happy with both shows creatively, but "It's Always Sunny" fared somewhat better with audiences, averaging 1.14 million viewers during its run, which included a midstream switch from Thursday to Tuesday nights. "Starved" brought in just over a million viewers per week. Neither show got a huge marketing push, as FX was also launching its Iraq war drama "Over There" around the same time.
"It's Always Sunny" stars Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson as four friends who own a bar in the title city. McElhenney created the show, and he Day and Howerton all serve as writers and executive producers.

FX is developing a handful of other comedy projects as potential companions for "It's Always Sunny."
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I was highly disappointed in F/X for cancelling "Starved"...it was like the network was saying, "we can only be 'edgy' to a point"...Why is it, that we can slander, murder, and f*&% people on T.V. nowadays, but when you deal with a rampid psychological disease, that affects so many...people get freaked out. Who gives a rats a** if people are *offended*...that's why it was good. People were most definitely piled around the water cooler for "Starved". Controversial is right, and quite frankly it's about damn time they created a show that addressed how devestating an eating disorder can be, instead of the "USUAL" Lifetime T.V. BULLS*** where *subject "a", has an ED, then subject "a's" family cares enough to make "a" get help, then "a" gets all better, happyf******bulls*** ending...It's not like that, and I know from personal experience...What "Starved" did was let the cat out of the bag...YOU CAN'T JUST STOP AN EATING DISORDER WHEN YOU WANT...doesn't happen...and not all family members *care*, let alone KNOW...because as you saw on "Starved", the constant denial by Sam and the rest of the characters...it's not like we run around saying, "hey look at me, I don't eat...or I eat too much, ...or I barf so I can feel empty, because I am hurting inside"

I mean, I know the very political "T.V. Ratings" didn't *add up*...but I thought F/X was WAY ABOVE CARING WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT OF THEIR PROGRAMMING...Wuss'.

EWWWWW I want to start a petition...I already wrote the producer...LOL...like my small time whining is gonna get anywhere...Whatever.

"It's Always Sunny..." I could take or leave.

Nip/Tuck...Rescue Me...F****** Genius!