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shield review contains spoilers

The Shield

"I must hunt down the man who stole my Propecia."Rating: *****

Reviewed by:
Gene Newman

The Shield has the right to remain the best show on TV, and this season is no exception. A brawl at a funeral home kickstarts the new year, as the cops in the blood-soaked Farmington district do their best to uphold the law while following the badass-edest cop on TV, Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis), who just happens to be fighting to keep his crew together and his ass out of jail. Pressure is the show's driving force, and all the characters are subjected to inhumane levels of it, from dealing with decapitated dog heads to a traffic incident resulting in a baby being cut out of a woman's stomach. This year Forest Whitaker joins the cast as a smooth, Colombo-like internal affairs cop who's getting dangerously close to bringing Mackey down. Even though this is rumored to be the last season—damn it!—judging by the first four episodes, it refuses to bend over and take it like a punk. Instead, it looks like The Shield is gonna go out as perfect and unrelenting as it started.

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